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  • How you can get job?

    Now that you’ve even announced your completion of graduation on your social media, it’s time for the next venture – finding a job as a fresher. You have a lot of companies in mind, and you even got in touch with a few. You’re doing everything right but there’s one thing coming in the way of landing fresher jobs – ‘fresher with one-year experience’. For every posting of fresher-specific job role, employers end up wanting someone with a little experience anyway.

    So, how do you overcome this paradox of an ‘experienced fresher’?

    It is not an impossible feat, and you can take certain steps to get a job without any prior professional experience. Here are some tips on how to get a job as a fresher.

    Give yourself just a few days to unwind from your recent sleepless exam nights before getting onto your job hunt right away. It is essential for you to come back to a fully rested and refreshed mental state in order to think and prepare well for what’s coming next.

    Focus on what abilities you have recognised in yourself over your academic years. Write down a list of soft skills or personal traits that you see in yourself. It could be anything such as the ability to communicate, verbally or through writing, or the skill to lead a group project. These are reflected in your resume as the skills needed to work in a professional environment, as an individual professional as well as a team member.