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  • Make the most of your networking skills

    Living in the age of the internet and social media, it is imperative to have a network online. While professional networking sites such as LinkedIn are purely meant for career-oriented connections, even your social networking platforms have dedicated groups and pages for you to connect with people for professional opportunities. Organisations give employee referrals more preference than you might think. And more often than not, employees get a referral bonus too. So, don’t shy away from approaching a friend or friend’s friend, for you might actually be providing them an unexpected bonus.

    If you were to consider someone to work with you, you would naturally expect them to show some interest in you, right? Almost every interviewer asks you what you know of the company, and it definitely looks bad if you have no idea. Yes, you might be applying to multiple companies and remembering everyone’s details is difficult. But, as a fresher, having a keen interest in the company coupled with a passion to prove your worth are sure ways to make a good impression on the employer. It also helps if you customize your resume for specific roles/companies that you apply for.

    So, you already listed out your skillset in your resume, and the interviewer has already seen it. Instead of repeating that during your interview, you can describe how your skills can be utilised to make an impact at the workplace. Highlight any achievements that are relevant to your role. You can cite examples of projects, assignments or volunteer work where you might have delivered actual results, therefore, proving how you can add value to your potential employer.